10 things i hate about getting up lol !
9. Over sleeping
8.still tired
7. Needing 7 cups of coffee to function
6. wanting to go back to sleep 😦
5. The catch up with texts and phone calls
4.when texts and phone calls wake you up
3.messy head
2. When your mum decides to call round at 8am
1. When you have to get up and it is freezeingggggg
Whats yours?


motherhood and messy hair

Family life

ahh family life ! 🙂 dont get me wrong i wouldnt change my family for the work but i never knew how hard and stressfull it is I BOW TO ALL THE MOTHERS/FATHERS OUT THERE!

As a mother of a 2 year old who likes to bounce of every wall or is dangleing from my hair the simplest thing makes me happy rangeing from a cup of tea and choclate or a nice hot bath or even just to shave the legs (lol!) or have some time to make your hair and make up straight! 😩

Cleaning the house at night after they are asleep is not aways the best chore but it saves cleaning it about 6 times during the day and less stress 😋

I would never change it i love my family i like the mess and i love being a mother its okay to have a stressfull day because in the morning you will see the best smile in the world 🙂

is there anybody out there who feels the same or have any views?

Sometimes i think my son is more adult   Than hes father some never grow up 😎